Bishop Boyd Independence Message - July 2013



 “All good gifts around us,

Are sent from heaven above

Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord,

For all His love.”


This month The Bahamas celebrates her 40th Anniversary of Independence. It is a milestone and  a coming of age. For human beings 40 is the age of adult maturity, although it does not mean that the person stops growing and maturing; the process continues throughout the whole of life. We could say that The Bahamas has reached one stage of her maturity, but has much more growing and maturing to do; it is a process that continues for the rest of time.


This season calls us all to honesty in celebration:

  1. Godly principles and law and order are the foundation of our society. They remain the predominant mores among us.
  2. For a small country we have done exceptionally well in many areas.
  3. A majority of persons are hardworking, honest, and law-abiding.
  4. We have many competent persons of world-class caliber in many fields.
  5. We have a stable, relatively safe, peaceful, friendly society.
  6. In so many ways we are the envy of the world.

This season also calls us to honesty in acknowledging that:

  1. Some mistakes have been made by individuals, groups and bodies.
  2. We have many challenges to our safety and stability  - like any other country.
  3. Too many of us are easily inclined to deviate from law, order, discipline, systems and protocols whenever it suits our purpose.
  4. There is too much dishonesty and mediocrity in so many places.
  5. Respect for others, for institutions, for law and order is on the decline.
  6. Too many leaders are not what they ought to be in bold leadership.

We take this opportunity to congratulate successive governments and the leaders in business,community, church, family,
social and civic undertakings who have all done their part over these years.

 Let us commit ourselves – as individuals, groups, families, organizations, sectors and as government – to a number of simple principles, namely:

 Leading all whom we lead to stand up for sound principles and to do right.

  1. Speaking the truth, no matter what the cost.
  2. Striving to pursue honesty and influencing all over whom we have influence to do the same.
  3. Believing in the good of ourselves and of our country, and doing all in our power to highlight and to bring out that good.
    It is often easier to think, to see, and to do the negative; but let us avoid that temptation.                  
  4. Endeavoring to help someone every day from all of our resources: time, talent, treasure, personality, character,
    upbringing, experience, wisdom – whatever we have to offer.
  5. Deciding to follow Jesus as our Lord and Master and  as the Son of the Almighty Father who have given us a wonderful land.
    “The lot has fallen to us in a good ground. Indeed we have a goodly heritage.” (Ps 16:6) Alleluia.


Happy 40th Anniversary Bahamas!