Growing Up Gracefully by Rev. Angela Palacious - Meditation for July 3th, 2014


Tribune Meditation for July 3th, 2014

Rev Angela Palacious

Growing Up Gracefully

As we celebrate each passing year, we are praying to grow stronger, wiser, and more faithful. There are areas in which we have made a definite effort to improve and there are others which are still posing quite a challenge.

How do we determine national goals and how do we measure their attainment? Are the government’s goals automatically the people’s goals? How strong is the counter-culture and how much diversity are we willing to tolerate? These are some delicate balances which reflect sensitivity to change.

We have established a Bahamian presence in every sphere of society. At the same time, we continue to enjoy the blessings of the contributions of those from abroad who share our general vision of an educated, healthy, and motivated nation striving for integrity of character, excellence in performance and stability of economy.

More attention is being paid to ecological issues, more emphasis is being placed on youth assessment and training, more interest is being directed towards domestic discrepancies, more prominence is being gained in relation to international matters. The future seems quite bright and many of our people are considering our current situation most promising.

How does this sound to the average Bahamian? Who has a very different perspective on our status? Is there a general consistency between the values we applaud and their how they are applied?

To grow up gracefully, we need to acknowledge our need for grace. God’s grace will enable us to conduct our affairs from a position of island charm, firm convictions and

close connections. When it comes to numbers, we are more like a network of an extended family than nation of millions of strangers. How can we return to the crossroad of caring and concern to truly invest more in our neighbour’s lives?

Why wait for a natural disaster to reach out to one another? There are those for whom life takes the form of the aftermath of an economic hurricane. Unemployment, sickness, death or addiction has reduced them to eke out a living that keeps them well below the poverty line. They are in dire need of emotional support, financial assistance, and lifestyle education.

Who are the people for whom political independence is of little significance? Perhaps it is those who are opposed to obeying the law, or who feel betrayed by existing inequities, those who are so wounded or angry, fearful or fallen, that their world is reduced to the four walls of a darkened room. Healing must happen for them. Hope must be offered to them. Harmony needs become a reality for them. We cannot celebrate as a people without acknowledging the plight of persons. Let us pray to grow up and grow older gracefully and may God bless us all.