Personhood and Possessions by Rev. Angela Bosfield-Palacious - Tribune Newspaper Meditation for April 10, 2014

Tribune Meditation for April 10, 2014

Rev. Angela Bosfield Palacious

Personhood and Possessions

If we consider ourselves to be a unique person who is also the possession of the Lord, there is an

interesting dilemma that is established. How do we express ourselves and still reflect God?

If our prayer is for God to “create and make in us new and contrite hearts” (Book of Common

Prayer) then we will be able to do both things at the same time. As we admit that we are tempted

and are weak, as we face that we suffer from being wretched and sinful, we are ready for relief

which is spelled J-E-S-U-S C-H-R-I-S-T. With penitence and forgiveness comes a new

understanding of personhood and perspective on possessions.

When we are convinced that God is the provider of all that we have, then we gladly bring the

“first fruits” of the harvest of our giftedness, time, money, wisdom and anything that the Church

can use to bless someone else. Remembering that we also came out of slavery like the Hebrews

is the first stage of being aware of the past, but being delivered from slavery to sin is an even

more important fact to celebrate. Our best use of God-given freedom is to bless God freely and to

give back generously (Deut. 26:11 NRSV).

How do we bless God? One way that you can do this is to “confess with your lips that Jesus is

Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead” (Rom. 10: 9 NRSV) so that

you will be saved. It is God’s desire that none should perish.

Another way is to follow the example of Jesus Christ in our daily living. If we submit to God’s

timing and believe in God’s provision then we will resist the temptation to “turn stones into

bread” (Luke 4:2-4 NRSV). If we focus on worshipping God alone then even all the “kingdoms

of the world”, that is the blessings that God has planned for us, eventually will be added as well

(Luke 4:6-8 NRSV). If we trust God’s word and not keep trying to put God to the test (Luke 4:

9-12 NRSV), then we will be resting in the assurance of grace and God’s faithfulness in spite of

our circumstances.

Your life is now lived to the honour of God as you permit the Holy Spirit to keep on renewing

your mind so that your will may continually be conformed to God’s will. Your possessions

cannot possess you because you belong to God, to such a degree, that you can leave it all, if that

is God’s call. This is true freedom.

How unique do you seem? How much of a slave are you in reality? Are you a slave to fashion,

financial enticements, and illicit relationships like everyone else? Have you stepped out of the

crowd to follow a “more excellent way”, the way of love (1 Cor.12:31-13:1)?

Allow this Lent to begin your season of personal freedom. Raise your palm this Palm Sunday

and declare that Jesus Christ is your Messiah. Do not change when the crowd does. Remain

faithful to the end.